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Mountainwide Pest Control provides eco-friendly and long-lasting solutions for pest problems of all types, scale, and scope service across the Blue Mountains, from Bathurst to Lapstone area (cockroaches, spiders, ants, bed bugs, silverfish, pantry pest, wood borer, wasps and other flying and crawling insects). Whether it is a termite infestation, rodent invasion or any pest infestation, we’ve got the technical expertise, equipment and resources to handle any requirement, anywhere. We have all the required certifications and training to carry out treatments in line with the industry and safety standards. 

We provide you with top quality pest control services. You can completely rely on us for helping you to eradicate pests from your home and commercial establishment. Get in touch if you have any questions regarding our services and how we can help you to tackle the pest problems.

Cost effective

We provide cost-effective solutions so you will not face the pest problems for a long period of time. Consult us now and let us help you to make your home or business pest-free right away.

Safe and effective pest control services

Tried and tested, our service conforms to the Australian Standards and Code of Practice to ensure you get guaranteed results with no risk of harm to anybody or anything. We use only low impact, environmentally friendly products for pest control. If our mission is pest eradication, our priority is your health and safety, which is why we do the best we can to protect your home and business.

 Living in a populated area it is common to experience pest problems. When purchasing a home, you need to be aware of the issue of pests. As you move in and start to live in your new home, you may start to find pests. It is best to consult a pest control professional.

The presence of cockroaches in the kitchen or bathroom can be very distressing. It is best to eliminate them as early as possible. Most homeowners do not take the issue seriously and they allow pests to spread through  their home. They breed and increase in number and can cause huge damage to furniture, beds and everything around your home. they even get into your food. If you fail to take action in time, there is a chance your family could experience serious medical problems. It may start with diarrhoea, fever or dysentery. If you have small kids or pets at home, you should monitor them for symptoms as soon as possible.

Do-it-yourself methods can be effective to a certain extent. However, you need to call a professional in order to achieve a thorough inspection. They will check for problems thoroughly. A pest control company will perform the job in the correct manner and stay until it is done. They will offer affordable services.

If you are calling a professional for home inspection, ensure to approach a genuine and experienced person. Nowadays, there are many fake companies posing as experienced pest controllers. It is best to check whether they are certified or have licence.

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Customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is our forte as we believe in customer delight than one-time sell-off. Our company enjoys good loyalty among customers due to pinpoint accuracy in elimination & prevention of pests. Our main principles are based on honesty, integrity, trust and loyalty to our customers. Customer satisfaction can be attributed to the service delivery & party to the after sale visits offering a sense of assurance to the client most left high & dry by the quacks operating in the trade.

Guarantee results
All our treatments come with a promise of quality and complete peace of mind. If you are not satisfied with our service, we will repeat the procedure at no extra cost, as mentioned in our term and conditions.

True value for money
Our treatments not only have lasting results but also are aimed at giving you relief from multiple pests. So, when you call us for one type of pest infestation, you’re relieved of other potential pest risks as well.
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