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Pest Control Lithgow

We are your local pest control company that offers pest control, Lithgow and beyond.


Mountainwide Pest Control has been in business for years and are experts in the field of

professional pest control. We use the latest technology and equipment to get rid of unwanted pests, and our trained professionals are knowledgeable about the most effective methods of pest control.

Our Lithgow pest control team will work with you to create a customised plan that will get rid of your pests and keep them from coming back. 


Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let Mountainwide Pest Control get rid of your pests once and for all.


Reach Out to a Lithgow Pest Control Expert Before it’s Too Late

We are a locally owned and operated business proudly serving the Lithgow community to overcome their pest problems.


If you have any pest problems, we urge you to reach out to a Lithgow pest control expert.


We will be happy to provide you with a consultation and customised plan of action that will address your specific needs.

Residential Pest Control Lithgow

Whether you are dealing with bed bugs, a termite infestation or something else, no one wants pests causing havoc in their home.


They can destroy your bedroom, ruin your kitchen and more, so it is best to get the help of experts in residential pest control in Lithgow, as soon as possible.


When in doubt, you can always call on our pest inspection services so that we can take care of pest management before an infestation escalates.


We believe that everyone deserves to live in a pest-free home without breaking the bank, which is why we place our pest control solutions at highly competitive prices.

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Commercial Pest Control Lithgow

Mountainwide Pest Control is proud to offer commercial pest control in Lithgow for businesses in the area.


We understand that having pests can be a major nuisance and can cause health and safety concerns for your employees and customers, and can even result in a loss of income.


By choosing our highly trained and experienced pest control technicians, you can trust that we will use the latest technology and equipment to provide the best service and safely remove any pest from your business.


What types of Lithgow pest control do you offer?


Mountainwide Pest Control is your one-stop shop for all things pest control. Our services include:


  • Possum removal Lithgow

  • Bird control Lithgow

  • Rodent treatment Lithgow

  • Bed bug removal Lithgow

  • Wasps removal Lithgow

  • Spiders’ removal Bathurst

  • Any other crawling insect


Can I do pest control myself?


Pest control is a complex task that requires knowledge, experience, and specialised equipment. If you attempt to control pests without the proper training, you could end up doing more harm than good.


 Not only could you fail to get rid of the pests, but you could also end up causing damage to your home or putting your family or employees at risk.


 It is always best to leave Lithgow pest control to the professionals.

Is pest control done inside or outside?


Pest control can be done both inside and outside of a home or building. When pests are found inside, it is important to first identify the type of pest before a plan can be created to address the infestation.


This may involve using traps, baits, or chemicals to kill or remove the pests.


Outside of a home or building, pest control typically involves spraying chemicals to prevent insects from entering the property.


In some cases, physical barriers may also be used to keep pests out.


Whatever course of action is taken, pest control is an important part of keeping a home or building safe from damage and health hazards.

Contact our pest control Lithgow team now.

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