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No matter what your needs are, you can count on Mountainwide Pest Control for the support you deserve. We see each customer as unique, which is why all of our services can be completely personalised to fit specific needs and preferences. Browse through our comprehensive range of services below to learn more about what we can do for you.

Our General Pest Treatment (GPT) will cover you for cockroaches, spiders, ants and other flying and crawling insects.


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Our prices are all as referenced, please fell free to contact us for a free non-obligation quote.


Our listed prices are for average circumstances. Not every house is the same and they all present different challenges and may require additional charges depending on size of premises and extent of infestation. We’re committed to providing our best service for a fair price. Read below to learn about our range of services we provide. We’re constantly growing and expanding our service options, so if you have something in mind that we don’t yet provide, we’d love to hear about it.


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I have a possum in my roof!

What to do?

Brushtail possum is the most widespread marsupial native to Australia. It can be found in forests and woodlands. They are also well adapted to living in urban areas and cohabiting with humans.

Possums are territorial, competing for dominance and living space. As the human population increases the possum’s natural habitat has been destroyed, resulting in them finding your home as a new place to live, moving into walls, roof cavities, chimneys, gutters or any place that they might find comfortable, warm and safe.

It is illegal to relocate possums to a distant area as they won’t survive so we at Mountainwide Pest Control will relocate them nearby but away from your roof or property. Contact us now to discuss the problem.

Humane Possum Removal. Residential - Commercial

Do not attempt to remove a possum yourself. They look like gentle creatures but they can hurt you. However, don’t panic. Call Mountainwide Pest Control. We have the equipment and tools to deal with the problem.

We will use the most humane techniques and we follow the national wildlife environmental procedures to safely remove and relocate possums.

Dead Possum in your roof, wall cavity, chimney, fireplace

If you find that there is a bad smell coming from the roof or any other part of your property, you might have a dead possum or a rodent problem. It is important to deal with the problem as soon as possible as this can attract flies, making this situation an extended problem. Either way contact us now, we have the appropriate gear and equipment to remove it and Eco-friendly and industrial odour treatment.

Bad odour and sanitation

Possum and rodents can carry fleas and ticks. Once a dead possum’s body cools down, fleas and ticks need to find a new host, a warm-blooded body. This can be a threat to you or your kids’ health, or to any pet living with you.

We offer a separate treatment service for bad odour and sanitation to prevent the spread of any other infestation. Contact us now.

Blocking possum access and repairs

We will block any access caused by possums found in your property and we will repair any damage caused by them.


We always monitor and follow up any treatment or service we provide. As part of our service, and  for your peace of mind, we always keep in touch with our customers, reassuring them that we are always here to help.


There are more than 30 bird species in Australia that have managed to live near and interact with humans. Only a few have become a nuisance and invasive to properties: pigeons, mynah birds, sparrows and common starlings.


  • Pigeons: This bird can cause extensive damage if you find them roosting in your property or business. Pigeons, like any other birds, are living host for parasites that can be a threat to your health, your kids and your pets at home. Droppings are the most common hazard to humans and can cause extensive damage to business properties and home owners.

  • Mynahs: This species is not native to Australia. It is an invasive species and is a threat to Australian native birds and their habitat, killing the young, destroying their eggs and even killing small mammals. They are originally from India and migrated to Australia causing extensive damage to fruit plantations, cereal, wheat and rice crops that are close to urban areas.

Mynah birds can carry the avian malaria disease and parasites that can cause dermatitis in humans.

Pigeon/bird removal and control

Mountainwide Pest Control applies different methods and techniques to block, remove and prevent pigeons and other invasive birds landing on your house or property, making roosting and nesting inhospitable to them. We provide a safety bird management plan across Bathurst and the Blue Mountains. Contact us now to discuss your problem.

Sanitation and control for fleas, mites, lice, ticks and other parasites

Removing pigeons or birds from living and nesting on your property is not the end of the problem, as they can fly away from one living space and leave behind parasites that can be a threat to human health. Skin irritations and allergic reactions are the most common problems.

Pigeons and other birds are living hosts to parasites including fleas, lice, mites, ticks, and other pests. These pests could potentially infest and contaminate stored products.

We provide a separate disinfection and sanitation treatment. For any bird problem, feel free to contact your local Mountainwide Pest Control.

BIRDS 3.png
BIRDS 2.png

Residencial - Commercial 

There are numerous reasons to find rats or mice wandering inside and outside your property:

  • Food supplies and shelter: untidy gardens, excessive weeds, clutter along walls and fences.

  • Changes in weather: as winter comes, rats and mice are looking for warm places to live and breed.

  • Excessive rain and floods: rats move away from their burrows and holes trying to find new places to live.

  • Chickens - birds: rats and mice are attracted to pet food, specially to chicken and bird food.

  • Compost bins: unsealed or unsecured compost bins can attract rodents to your property.

Rats and mice are well known for carrying diseases. From bites and scratches to saliva and urine, rats can cause serious health problems to humans: salmonellosis, tetanus, rat bite fever, skin reactions.

Rats and mice are living hosts for other parasites like fleas and mites and they can transmit deceases if in contact with humans.

Having rats and mice around the house or property can cause other problems such as attracting a snake looking for food. This can be a threat to humans and pets. If you have this problem, contact Mountainwide Pest Control to discuss the right method and solution to your problem.

Three most common rodents found in home and businesses

Roof rats: also known as ship rats or black rats. They get their name because they find their way to live inside the roof or in the upper part of a building.

How to identify a roof rat: They have soft fur, usually black, grey or brown and occasionally white on the belly.

Body length of 14-20 cm, tail 25 cm, weight of 200-300 g, pointed nose, pink feet, spindle-shaped droppings, large, thin almost translucent ears.

Strong smell of urine

Once they are inside, they can leave a strong smell of urine and droppings. They can cause extensive damage to wiring and air-conditioning ducts by gnawing through them. If unsealed food or stored food are left un-attended they can be contaminated and become a threat to human health.

Mice or house mice: these are the smallest rodents found in your house or property. As with roof rats, they can cause extensive damage, leaving behind droppings and a strong smell of urine.

How to identify a house mouse: smaller in size, head and body length of 8-10 cm, tail length of 14-20 cm, brown and grey fur, pointed nose, large, hairy ears, pink feet and small spindle or irregular-shaped droppings.

Norway rat: is larger than the above rodents, also known as the sewer rat, brown rat or common rat. They are good swimmers and diggers. As with other rat species, they can cause extensive damage to property and structures. If you find a hole or burrow in your garden, it is more likely that there is a rat or rats living inside.

How to identify a Norway rat: brown and grey fur, grey feet, large build, 20-27 cm from including head and body, blunt nose, short and thick ears, 16-20 cm tail length, 200-300 g in weight, banana or sausage–shaped droppings.

Control, management and treatment

Rodent Inspection: We will inspect the external part of your property or building and the surrounding areas looking for signs of rodents’ presence, followed by an internal inspection including voids and roof cavities.

Rodent problem identification: we identify the extent of damage or infestation, access or entry points, preferred living areas, will follow up with a treatment.

Rodent Control and treatment: we are very conscious of the environment and we care about you home or property. Depending on individual situations, we offer physical and chemical control measures. From electric devices, rats and mouse traps, rats and mice cage or baiting the roof or property including rat and mice stations, Mountainwide Pest Control have the gear, equipment and tools to provide a safe place free of rodents.

Rodent-proofing: we apply various techniques, materials and tools to make you house, business or property rodent-proof by blocking possible entrances and making them uninhabitable for rodents.

Rodent management plan: For an effective rodent management plan, Mountainwide Pest Control will work together with our customers. This includes, but is not limited to, good hygenic practices, general maintenance, sanitation, exclusion, physical or chemical control, and education.


Monitoring and after-service control are provided ensuring customer satisfaction. We are here to help and provide outstanding customer service, a place free of pests and a safe place for you, your kids and pets. Contact us now for any rodent problems.

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